Solar Energy a Costeffective Way to Heat the Home
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Solar Energy a Costeffective Way to Heat the Home

Solar energy is the power from the sun. It warms our bodies and provides the energy for plants to make food. It provides us the light to see with our eyes. Without this energy there will be no life on earth. The energy is inexhaustible and freely available for our use.

There is no doubt that we can harness the sun’s energy to use in our homes. However, it’s not the norm for a house, today, to be totally powered by solar energy. There are only about 10 000 houses or so in the U.S. that are totally powered by solar energy. In most homes solar energy is used in conjunction with other heating systems like gas or electricity. If the house has insulated walls, it may need very little additional back up heat sources to supply heat all the time. We still do not have the technology nor the know-how to use 100% solar energy cheaply so that it can be installed in all homes.

Once technology finds ways to completely harness energy of the sun cheaply, it is inevitable that it’ll be used in most homes in the future. When this happens solar energy is going to replace the energy we get from fossil fuel, which is not only depletable, but also the biggest contributor to pollution in our environment. By using solar energy we cut down on atmospheric pollution. We also do not have to pay so much for the electricity as we are paying now.

In our homes solar energy can be used for heating our homes through a passive solar system or an active one. The passive system collects the solar energy and then radiates it to the walls, floors etcetera. The active or dynamic system uses fans and pumps to distribute the solar energy.

Solar energy can be used to heat water used in homes. This gives the biggest savings to homeowners. They can save as much as 85% on their utility bills. Solar energy is used more for heating swimming pools than for any other single use in the U.S. There is also a solar electric or photoelectric system that can be used to produce electricity as well.

There are two fundamental sorts of dynamic solar energy systems, depending on the kind of fluid heated in the collectors: liquid or air. One uses a liquid medium, which can be either water or anti-freeze solution; and the other air medium. These two systems collect and take in solar energy through radiation, and then the solar energy is moved straight into the inner part of the system that is a holding system, from which the heat is circulated. The collectors collect the solar energy in the liquid or air medium, and a fan or electric pump distributes the solar energy. Solar systems absorb heat from the sun during daylight hours of between 9 in the morning till about 3 in the afternoon.

If you want to install a new solar energy system, it’s best to comply with the existing building and license processes. You can get the necessary information from your local building department or even from a local solar energy system specialist. You must also position the collectors so that they receive maximum solar energy. The best positioning is true south, as this is the point that the sun reaches its zenith during the day.

Air systems maybe better than liquid systems in that they produce more usable energy and there is no fear that they will freeze like a liquid system. A good solar system can provide up to 85 % of energy.

Dynamic solar heating systems are the best in terms of saving cost that are found today, especially in cold countries that have good sun light. Heating your house with solar energy will as I’ve said earlier, significantly reduce your energy bills. They also are environmentally friendly and do not pollute the atmosphere unlike many other heating systems such as those that use fossil fuel.

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Comments (1)

Last year I won solar panels! They are on my garage. I have 6 panels each about 6 ftx3ft and just to give people an idea, the whole array of panels produces about enough power to run a dryer. So you can imagine how many panels you need to run a whole house. In a more sunny area you get more benefit.